Downtown Milwaukee Plan

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The Downtown Area Plan is an update to the original 1999 Milwaukee Downtown Plan. The updated plan is not intended to replace the 1999 plan, but rather to build on the vision and successful initiatives of that plan. Since the inception of the 1999 plan most of the goals and objectives have been met, and most of the catalytic projects recommended in the 1999 plan are either completed or underway. This includes the creation of the Milwaukee Public Market, the redevelopment of the Park East Freeway Corridor, the re-use of the historic Pabst Brewery Complex, the renovation and expansion of the Milwaukee Intermodal Station, and the construction and expansion of the Milwaukee Riverwalk.  The 2010 Downtown Area Plan is an attempt to build on the momentum created by the policies and projects of the original 1999 plan and to provide a new vision for the future of Downtown Milwaukee.

Milwaukee Downtown Plan