Area Plans

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Area Plans are part of the City's Comprehensive Plan.  The City of Milwaukee is covered by 14 Area Plans which guide future neighborhood development with land use, design, and catalytic project recommendations.

In a process that began in 1999 in response to State of Wisconsin “Smart Growth” legislation, together with community partners and residents, the City of Milwaukee developed a comprehensive plan for the entire city for the first time in its 169 year history. The process began by dividing the city into 13 different planning areas. The thirteen area plans, informed by substantial public participation and analysis, identified key land use recommendations and prioritized neighborhood and development issues.

Each of the 13 area plans, plus an additional plan for the Harbor District, now comprises the City’s Comprehensive Plan. The legal significance of the area plans, as part of the citywide comprehensive plan, is that upon adoption all land use decisions within the boundaries of this plan must be consistent with the goals, objectives, and policies outlined in the documents.